WP organisation

WP1 - Industrial Requirements, System Integration and Scientific Coordination.

WP Manager: Davide Caputo, NTNU.

WP2 - Sensors and measurement systems.

WP Manager: Giuliano Bissaco, DTU

WP3 - Validation, structuring and storage of acquired data for data processing.

WP Manager: Michael Widerholt, WZL

WP4 - Fault Diagnosis, identification of sensitive parameters i.e. Knowledge discovery,  optimization and decision making.

WP Manager: Doriana D’Addona, UNINA

WP5 - Self-adaptive system for in-process real time control of vital quality parameters.

WP Managers Jan Papadoudis, UGL

WP6 - Intelligent Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis System (long time optimization).

WP Managers: Muhammad Arif, EPFL

WP7 - Industry implementations and demonstration– Aerospace.

WP Manager: Alvaro Capellan, NTNU

WP8 - Industry implementations and demonstration– Machine Tools.

WP Manager: Michael Widerholt, WZL

WP9 - Dissemination and exploitation.

WP Manager: Muhammad Arif, EPFL

WP10 - Project Management.

Coordinator: Odd Myklebust, NTNU.

Quality Manager: Ragnhild Eleftheriadis, NTNU